A lovely sunday

What a lovely Sunday the house is still clean after a photo shoot on Thursday , wow did that get the studio clean
Then three days On Bruny Island with lush weather, lush food and wonderful company.
Today Sunday we celebrate Lu Lu’s 2nd birthday. dolls and prams very cute. amity made a great cake, champagne in the sun and I would love a siesta but with 5 kids destroying my clean house … that will not happen.
Tommy and Archie are stuck in the chook pen and Rosemary the lamb is loosing her lambness.
Sold a few dresses to Ally to her delightful twins so in all its been a great day.
I created a great sale on web so take alot. xx haidee

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A few of my new creations

I am having way to much fun in my studio, I will show you all once its in some kind of order.



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Hello Tina thank you for all your shopping on madeit !!

I will be down in Sydney for the Allies attic Market at Hunters Hill, if you join my mailing list I will let you know where,.

Its on the 12th of November, I cam make you up some divine dresses or tops and keep them aside for you, let me know what your after.

Could you make it to Hunters Hill on the 12th? November

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Star wars pants

finally after waiting for this amazing ORGANIC fabric from the states , its is made up in to Tomboy pants , you can get them on made it , sooo cool…star1

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Wow !!

I have all was wanted chicken’s and they arrived on Monday pen and all from planet poultry… they deliver Australia wide!! check out there web.http://www.planetpoultry.com/ Norm will help you.

Two chickens and today they are free range as they had to stay in there pen for a few days to settle in. I just let them out, Frankie the dog is by my feet as I feel he may want to PLAY!!!!

no eggs yet ! My husband is not as keen as I am as he loves hi

My slice of a farm in the burbs!

My slice of a farm in the burbs!

s Lawn he just lay and chickens like to scratch… they look so happy.. lovely day in the bay!!!  Now I must do some work trying hard to put a lot of stock on made it.. check it out

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What’s New

Hello this is my new blog page that hopefully will keep you all up to date with what is new in the miss haidee world.

Thank you to Sarah for all your help your a wizz on the puter. seehttp://nakurubabyorphanage.com to do some good today .

picture taken at the orphanage of the girls in miss haidee dresess


Nakuru Girls in Miss Haidee

Nakuru Girls in Miss Haidee

Faith, Lala, Suzie, Lillian and Millie. 

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Miss Haidee

Thanks for stopping by….

check out my website at http://misshaidee.com.au/

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