What’s New

Hello this is my new blog page that hopefully will keep you all up to date with what is new in the miss haidee world.

Thank you to Sarah for all your help your a wizz on the puter. seehttp://nakurubabyorphanage.com to do some good today .

picture taken at the orphanage of the girls in miss haidee dresess


Nakuru Girls in Miss Haidee

Nakuru Girls in Miss Haidee

Faith, Lala, Suzie, Lillian and Millie. 

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2 Responses to What’s New

  1. mellie says:

    how adorable…
    good luck with your chooks…
    we have a new rooster somewhere in our neighbourhood so i’m not really digging them either…

  2. Miss Haidee – the picture of these wee girls with your dresses on is so adorable! Good on you 🙂 Was great to see you at Mathilda’s… a big day for all! Clover loved the white swimmers, and is receiving the leopard for her b’day next month… thank you they are divine!

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